Business Exploratory Trip

I wish to apply for a Business Exploratory Visa to visit Canada and check out opportunities.

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I am a professional and am willing to invest in a business in Canada

What area of business or management experience have you acquired in the past 10 years (you can select more than one option)*
Manufacturing / trading
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Project work (builder / Construction etc)
Wholesale / Retail establishment
Information Techlology

Briefly describe product/commodity you deal in your business*
What is your education qualification?*
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Newfoundland & Labrador
My spouse or myself do not have any blood relatives residing in Canada   

Please list the counties you have visited
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If Yes, please provide when and related detail

Between you and your spouse, please calculate the total value of your assets, including movable, immovable property/properties, cash in the bank, mutual funds, fixed deposits, etc. Please calculate in Canadian dollars. If you wish to convert from any currency to Canadian dollars, please visit Please remember to include and assess only those assets that are in your and your spouse’s name.*
$100,000 to $199,000
$200,000 to $299,000
$300,000 to $399,000
$400,000 to $499,000
$500,000 to $599,000
$600,000 to $799,000
$800,000 to $999,000
$1 million to $2 million
$2 million and up

Have you taken English proficiency test (IELTS or CELPIP) ?*
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If yes, what is your score in
Reading Writing
Speaking Listening
If you have not taken an English proficiency test, how do you rate your English language proficiency?
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With difficulty

Do you have any queries ?

I am interested in the following Canada's business immigration / business work permit programs (you can select one or more options)*
I operate my own business and would like to set up a branch / office in Canada and world like to be transferred to the Canadian Operation

My current company is well established outside of Canada and intends to transfer me to Canada by setting up its branch / subsidiary in Canada

My business, if established in Canada, can bring economic / social / cultural benefits to Canada and create jobs and economic stimulus.

Buy a running business in Canada

Canada Star-Up Visa leading to permanent residence in Canada by bringing introducing a unique business idea

I also acknowledge this is not an employment visa or I am not applying for a job based LMIA as a skilled worker.

I am not completing this Business Questionnaire for applying to jobs or related LMIA or job offers in Canada.

My inquiry is serious and pertains to setting up a business through investment in Canada and by completing this questionnaire I wish to explore business options and opportunities only.

I would like to consider a Business Franchise in Canada

I am open to discuss all the possible options.