This questionnaire is to assess your profile as a Skilled Worker or as a Business Person Back

Confidential when completed.

Any information, partly or in full, provided by an applicant will not be shared or compromised in any form or kind. Please complete the following information in confidence.

I am not sure about my eligibility and whether I should apply as a Skilled Worker or a businessperson.

One or more of the following conditions apply to me so I need to be assessed appropriately. Provide me all the options available. *
I am a Skilled Worker / professional but am over 35 years of age and may have lost CRS points under the Skilled Worker assessment factor.
I have limited academic education.    I am a skilled worker but my proficiency in the English language is limited.
I have been self employed / have owned my own business for the past 3 years.
I am an artist / painter / actor / performing artist / other and am not sure which immigration category would be most suitable to me.
I am over 35 years of age and am / was working as a Senior Manager and would like to immigrate to Canada under the business category and establish my business or buy an operating business in Canada. I have at least Cad$300,000 in total net worth value of my assets and out of this value, I am prepared to invest at least Cad$100,000 in a business in Canada.
I have a total net worth of Cad$500,000 including all my movable and immovable assets and am willing to invest at least Cad $200,000 in a business in Canada.
I would like to discuss my case personally with a licensed Canadian Immigration Practitioner. Please contact me by email or phone and advise me the best possible options.
I am open to consider investment option under the business immigration program/s and am in a position to invest at least Cad $200,000 to $300,000 in a business venture either under a Business Owner / Operator LMIA program or under any suitable Business / Entrepreneur Provincial Nominee Program.
My application is already filed with Canadian immigration authorities and would like to discuss all the options.

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