Bridging Open Work Permit (BOWP) Back

The BOWP allows individuals who are already working in Canada with a work permit to extend their stay as they standby for a decision on their permanent residency. BOWP is readily available to those who have placed a submission for permanent residency, as well as having an active work permit in place. Getting approval for BOWP enables an open work permit, giving the individual access to work for multiple employers in as many locations they want.

Being eligible for a BOWP includes having an active work permit which expires in 4 months or less, a submitted permanent residence application and currently living in Canada. It is important to note however, not all permanent residence programs give eligibility to BOWP.

If an individual’s current work permit expires while a decision is pending for their BOWP application, there is a chance to continue work in Canada under implied status. Once a decision is approved, they may continue with their work. However, a denied application would cause the individual to stop working in Canada effective immediately. Continuing to work with an expired work permit can have serious implications on future immigration applications.


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